Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diwali - The Festival of Light :)

 I wish everyone a happy Diwali ! Hope everyone are having a great day today. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals for Indians, it might be because of children's love towards crackers or people's attraction towards light !

Light is, in fact, one of the basic needs for human beings, if not for living beings. Can you imagine a life without light ? Obviously we can't, and that is why Diwali has a history of over two milleniums !! Light glorifies the victory of goodness over evil, victory of knowledge over supersitions. And Diwali, the festival of Light, signifies a new journey towards knowledge and goodness.

Light is something that we always need. Light is not just something that helps us to see things around us, but it is something that helps us to find a path, path towards better life. I just love the idea of celebrating the festival of light ! Lighting earthen oil lamps around the house gives me an immense pleasure. Though it gives a little light, I feel it much attractive and meaningful than flood lights.

But now a days, Diwali is losing its original meaning and earthen oil lamps are being slowly replaced by light bulbs and crackers. I just wonder when this concept of crackers was introduced (or fused ?) into Diwali ! In one way, it has helped in increased popularity of this festival, but in the other way it has led to loss of true meaning of celebrating this festival.

Crackers have become an integral part of Diwali. Everyone from children to elder people love to light crackers. It looks beautiful to see shining colours on sky, but we must give equal importance to lighting earthen oil lamps around the home. As less crackers you use, that much it is good. While celebrating the festival in zeal, we should not forget nature. And be aware of your safety too. Nothing should exceed the limit. Think good, be good and the goodness will follow you :)

Once again I wish everyone a happy and safe Diwali :)

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